Thursday, May 07, 2009

New Book About Charlotte

There's a great new book about our old town....that's just been published and is written by our own Mary Kratt!

click on picture to enlarge!

Mary Ran Norton Kratt has a new book being published and for sale in Charlotte this weekend at Park Road Books in the Park Road Shopping Center, and later this summer and fall at Charlotte bookstores, but also through mail order at the Charleston, SC publisher's address on the flyer.

Mary's good news is that she kept writing and has more than a dozen published books of poetry, history, and biography. Google her. She has lived in Charlotte since '62, has three children all living far, and is married 50 years this summer to Charlottean Jim Kratt, a retired lawyer, and lives near Matthews, east of Charlotte. Jim, once known as Jamie, went to Myers Park High, class of 53.