Friday, June 05, 2009

Area 51

With apologies to Rozwell, NM and UFO fans across the country, I've come upon some pictures that fit right in with "strange as it may seem" mysteries.

Consider this picture, for example: (be sure to CLICK on picture to enlarge)

Even if you happen to be IN this may take a while for you to figure out where it was taken.

Give up yet?

It's the Piedmont Junior High School cafeteria....1951.

Bob Ellis was the one who suggested that as long as we were highlighting some of our grammar school classes we might as well include some Jr. High pictures. I still have a copy of the Piedmont year book........but would like very much for you folks who went to AG (or any other Jr. High) to
scan a picture or two....and send it to me.

Here's one more "Panther" photo. See if you can find:

1-A future State Senator
2-A future National Best selling author
3-A future restaurant mogul and owner of the famous Jimmies of Mint Hill
4-A future webmaster and.......oh, never mind.

OK, OK.........I give up. Hundreds of CHS54 fans....are clammering for me to post more Piedmont pictures......and since so many of the Piedmont kids went on to become are pictures of all the other home rooms...complete with names......(click on pics to enlarge)