Monday, June 01, 2009

Say Cheese

One of the many highlights of our 55th reunion weekend was seeing those ancient pictures of the Dilworth Grammar school kids of the 1940's that Carolyn Taylor brought along. (now published on this website.) Some of those youngsters went on to greater becoming members of the Central High Class of 1954.

But amazing as those pictures are, your humble, award winning and all round good guy webmaster thinks that the Elizabeth School 4th grade class picture....wins the prize.

(Click on picture to enlarge)

Any good photographic detective would tell you that the picture was probably taken by an out of work relative of the teacher...or principal...whoever hired photographers at Elizabeth school in those days; because the quality of the picture and the expertise of the photographer is...less than good. It can't even compare to the excellent quality of the Dilworth pictures.

Look closely and you'll see that some short girls are on the back row....and obviously no one was asked to remove their hat....and as a consequence, faces are hidden......for bozo is wearing a sailor an obvious attempt to look like the "Crackerjack Kid."

Two of the prettiest girls in Elizabeth school were side by side (Judy Anderson and Martha Ann Caldwell) which was fine, but having Bo Madden peeking in between them....kinda spoiled the mood. Now, don't get me wrong, Bo was always one of my favorite know what I mean.

Charles Pendergrass was one of the fine Thompson Orphanage kids.....and an early hero of mine. He always looked mature to me......he acted like it too. I've always wondered
how his life turned out.

Now what really makes this picture so the kid (back row...first left) hiding his face with his jacket.

Where in the world would he have gotten that idea?