Saturday, July 18, 2009

Gene Moore Checks In

Gene Moore sends us this note:

I was sorry to hear the sad news of the death of CHS '54 classmate, John Earl Ballard. The message from John's wife, which was e-mailed to all of us by Jerry Gaudet, was especially touching. I was reminded of an old picture I have of John and seven other members of Calvary Methodist Church (West Boulevard, Charlotte) which was taken on the occasion of our graduation from Central High. Each graduate wore his/her graduation gown for the picture.

I have attached a copy of that picture and have identified the graduates as follows:

Second Row From Left: Gene Moore, Charles Sweitzer, Joe Kirkley, John Earl Ballard

First Row From Left: Not Remembered, Anne Disher, Not Remembered, Not Remembered

Unfortunately (probably because of my gray hair) I cannot remember the names of three of the girls. It appears in the picture that their graduation robes are different from those of the Central students, therefore they may have gone to another high school.

I join many others who fondly remember John and are sad at his passing.

Gene Moore

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