Friday, July 31, 2009

John Merritt

"I have loved the memories of Central. I often wonder why. I didn't try very hard in class, at graduation, I still owed the school many hours of detention hall for being tardy, and always seemed to be a little out-of-step with assignments. Nonetheless, most of my fondest recollections are about classes and teachers. Other things, like waterboying Football for you and others, being in a play, lunches across Elizabeth, and just goofing off make those memories very special. Selective memory is better than selective hearing, and nobody has to repeat themselves.

During the twelfth grade I joined the Naval Reserves, and soon after graduation went on active duty. Two years on a destroyer will cause the most difficult cases to mature. I learned a lot, grew up a bunch, saw much of the world, served my country, and earned the GI Bill.

After the Navy, I attended college and eventually graduated a couple of times from East Carolina with degrees in Art and Art Education. After three years in the Charlotte-Mecklenberg system, I returned to EC to teach. After EC, I moved to Gastonia to teach at Gaston College. After four years, I had the itch for more graduate school. I got my doctorate from NC State, and followed that with twenty-six more years of administrative work back at Gaston. Since retirement, I have taught part time, volunteered at Habitat for Humanity, repaired antiques, and attempted to persuade a little white golf ball to go where I wanted despite the laws of physics and my limited aptitude. I was fortunate to marry a woman with patience, personality, and perseverance. Sounds like she was a troll, but actually pretty good looking. We are proud to have three children and two spoiled grandchildren. Our health has been good even though we are slowly attempting to become bionic.

It has been a good life with few regrets-- yes, things I didn't do, not those that I did. If I could go back to being seventeen again, I would decline, but if karma says I must, I hope most of
it will be like the past, and has a school like Central."

John....the class monitors have been trying to track you down for years to have you make up all those hours you failed to spend in detention hall. We expect you to pay your debt and report to Detention hall on the second Tuesday of every month at Jimmies of Mint Hill. -Ed

PS....In athe FIRST post, I mistakenly said the FIRST Tuesday of the month. What I should have said was the SECOND Tuesday of every month! SECOND Tuesday of the month at Jimmies.