Friday, July 17, 2009

Keep Those Cards and Letters Coming

I've used that old radio cliche sign off line before.....which emphasizes the need for more writers here at the CHS54 complex. I wish you could see the corporate headquarters here....secretaries, reporters, photographers, computer gurus. Talk about hustle and bustle,THIS is it!

I rarely get down to the corporate cafeteria anymore for a cup of coffee because of the volume of activities.............


But there is one bit of truth in that flight of fancy; we need more writers. Perhaps writers is the wrong word.....contributors are what we need!

Ace reporter and keeper of the records Jerry Gaudet has just sent out a "blastmail" to everyone about this subject.

Get your thinking caps on as my third grade teacher, Ms Carr, used to say, and send us a note or two about what you're up to....your favorite memory of CHS....your least favorite, a grandkid who looks like you did 55 years ago.....a grandkid who looks a lot better than you did 55 years ago...a grandkid who doesn't look like you, whatever interests you will almost certainly interest all of us!

I'll start things off with my favorite picture. When my daughter was little my wife and I wouldn't let her do something or other....and it made her about as mad as she ever got. This is how she took out her anger at us. When we got up the next morning, this was scotch taped to our door:

Let us hear from you. Or we may scotch tape something scary on your door!