Thursday, August 06, 2009

Beating the Heat



Don and Letty Nance are enjoying cool (cold?) Alaska!

Incidentally, Don told me that he's going to Jonesborough, TN again this year. The big Storyteller festival is held there each Fall. This festival is considered the "BIG TIME" for storytellers. And this year, our own Ellouise (Diggle) Shotteller has been invited to perform!
Don says we all ought to arrange for a bus and all go together to the Festival. He says it's a laugh a minute!

Mitzi Minor Roper has escaped to the mountains; but not really to escape the heat. She has been doing what she loves best and that is taking care of the future Miss Charlotte of 2026; a beauty named Loren Jane who happens to be the grandchild of Miss Charlotte of 1958.