Sunday, August 30, 2009

Cheese and Sausage, Thin Crust please

Let me tell you about my Pizza Delivery Man.

"STOP THE PRESS" you say.

Well, keep on reading.

Brian Gagnon is somewhere between 50 and 60  years old and like many folks he probably retired too early, and took this job just to have something to do.

But he takes his job seriously, and does it well. He considers his customers his friends; and most of them are. Take me for example. Every time he comes to the house with a hot pizza we talk, usually until it gets cold. I always ask him if he's heard from his daughter recently. He can't exactly tell me what she's been doing, but he's convinced that she's enjoying her Afghanastan.

Lance Corporal Jasmin Gagnon is a US MARINE. She feels that she's carrying on a fine family tradition by being a Marine.

And, she is. Her great uncle, Pfc. Rene Gagnon was drafted into the Marine Corps in 1943. When his regiment, the 28th Marine Battalion,  landed on the Pacific Island of Iwo Jima to clear Japanese pillboxes and occupy the island, Gagnon served as a runner, ferrying messages between headquarters and the front lines.

After the Marines cleared Mount Suribachi, cave by cave, with flame throwers, Rene Gagnon ran up the mountain with the flag that would ultimately become the center of the Marine Corp's most iconic photograph.

You may have seen the picture of Rene Gagnon and a few other Marines raising that flag.