Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Elite Meet to Eat


Rumor has it that Jimmies of Mint Hill, the Stork Club of Highway 51, is considering naming one of the dining rooms the "CHS54 LDL ROOM."
This site will let you know if, and when it becomes official.

Meanwhile Jerry Gaudet continues to earn his exorbitant salary from this website by not only taking the usual still pictures of the event, but capturing the excitement on VIDEO!

Here is his report:

"We have persevered through the summer and held our 11th CHS'54 "LDL" today, and will continue on the second Tuesday of each month at Jimmies Restaurant in Mint Hill. 24 attended today and overall we have had 70 different people attend. There's room for plenty more. Come when you can.

It was good that Shirley Maynor was able to attend and Peggy and Buck Anderson came down from (the cool mountains) Fletcher, NC to be with us.

As we tried to do a brief VIDEO clip for the web site, Karol Broadwell Welch's husband, Bob, was picked to anchor our grouping and was asked to "go stand in the corner". That's just what Bob did.

Watch the video at the bottom of the page!

(Videography by Sylvia Brawley ...Vic's wife)