Sunday, August 09, 2009

Our Dear Leader is Honored


The President of our reunion committee, Obie Oakley is the recipient of yet ANOTHER National award.

No, make that a GLOBAL award.

In addition to his full time job with our reunion committee, Obie is also the executive director of the Carolinas Freedom Foundation, which is a patriotic organization that honors our veterans, supports the troops and promotes patriotism. Obie received the Global Citizen Award at the World Affairs Council's awards dinner where they honored the Carolinas Freedom Foundation.

Obie is shown here accepting the award and later posed with three star general, Lloyd Thomas who was one of the presenters.

Past recipients of the award include Dr. Billy Graham, Dean Rusk, Senator Dole, Hugh McColl, John Belk and General Hugh Shelton.

Congratulations Obie! You're in good company!