Monday, September 07, 2009

And the Winner IS

Gaither Blackwelder!

Well, not exactly. But when a 73 year old man races against 1,034 younger people in a 5K race and comes in 868.....that's news!

Heck, I think it's headline news when a 73 year old man can even walk 5 miles!

(Actually 5K is not 5 miles; it might as well be 20 as far as this 73 year old is concerned, but if I remember correctly from my math class at old CHS....5K is 3.10685596 miles.)

Blackwelder's amazing feat happened at the 32nd annual Peoples Bank Midnight Flite 5K race in Anderson, SC recently.

Even more amazing is the fact that Blackwelder ran the race 5 minutes faster than he did last year!

Just thinking about it makes me want to take a nap.

Race photo of Gaither Blackwelder by Carolina Snapshot