Monday, September 07, 2009

Coming to Town

Remember the article about the big surprise party...with the CHS 54 theme and decorations etc...that Herb Jacobowitz's wife Barbara threw for him for his 70th birthday?

It was an historical event. It was the first and only party with the theme of Central High School's class of 54 ever held in the state of Maryland, Herb's home.

Most of the guests upon arriving and seeing all the Wildcat decorations had three questions: "What's Central High School?; Where is it? and "When do we eat."

Most of the party goers were from the Montgomery County area of Maryland

Herb dropped us a note saying he's going to be in the Charlotte area soon and would love to see some of his old CHS friends.

"I am coming to Charlotte with my daughter to go to a Myositis Conference at Hilton Hotel in Center City this Thursday, Sept. 10th. My daughter has a muscle condition, which is a weakness in the muscles. She got this about 1 and 1/2 years ago and there appears to be no cure, but with medication she can cope. She works full time and is a mother to our 2+ years old granddaughter. We will not be getting a car to use. I was wondering if you could put the word out if you or any of our class would like to get together with me and my daughter either Thursday or Friday evening and go to dinner nearby. I would enjoy this greatly. Hope to hear from you soon. We will be flying back Saturday night, departing Charlotte around 8 pm. My cellphone number is 301-717-5167."

Herb Jacobowitz