Saturday, September 05, 2009


You'll notice a new feature on this website called "Roll the Tape" which features slides
of the past. The technical staff here at the CHS54 complex is working on making it even showing more pictures. At the moment, it's showing only a small number of the members of our class. Our goal is to show the entire by one.

Our crack technicians are working on the problem 24/7, and as a last resort, will read the directions in the manual that came with the program.

Meanwhile, the excitement is building for the happening at Jonesbourough, Tennesee where our own Ellouise Diggle Schoteller will be performing. It's the famous 37th annual Storytellers Festival which will be held on Oct 2 through the 4th.

This website is sending one of our ace reporters, Betsy Villas White to cover the story and Don (Eagle Eye) Nance to photograph the festival. See complete coverage right here on this computer channel. Film at 11.

Speaking of film, for those of you who are not able to go to the Festival,  you can see a sample of Ellouise's work  HERE