Saturday, September 12, 2009

Secret Code

Long after we’ve all gone to the big assembly in the sky, our grandkids and maybe even our great grandkids could very likely stumble upon a dusty old book titled, Snips and Cuts.”

The title alone will seem strange to them. Why in the world, they’ll wonder, would anyone ever print a book by that title, when everyone knows that to publish a book, all you need is a computer and a word processor. Perhaps they will think that it’s a pattern book for that old fashioned craft known as sewing.

But lo and behold it's Granny’s old high school yearbook!
Great Balls of Fire!

However, much to their disappointment, and your relief, they discover that it’s written in some kind of strange, secret code.

Who knows what some 17 year old might have written in a long forgotten yearbook 60 or 100 years ago? And no matter how innocent it was at the time, words change. “Bad,” “Gay.” “Camp,” and “Coke” are just a few that come to mind.

Well, you can relax now, because experts say that anyone born after 1980 probably can’t read cursive; and that includes teachers.

But, I guess it all evens out. Already, the youngsters are speaking a language that we can’t understand.

“That’s, you know, awesome, man.”