Thursday, September 10, 2009

LDL's 12th and Anna Lynn's 53rd

 Jimmies of Mint Hill was jumping yesterday, as it always does when our '54 Wildcats descend upon one of the premier "meetin and eatin" places within driving distance of the Queen City!

29, count 'em, 29!...showed up for our 12th "LDL"....(Let's Do Lunch)  The only thing missing was......our ace reporter's camera.

The indefatigable Jerry Gaudet's top of the line camera was the victim of battery failure. (Rechargable batteries don't give notice when they're sick. Without warning, they just refuse to be resusitated.)

Amazingly, it happened to be Anna Lynn Smith-Petersen Kearse's 53rd wedding anniversary!

 What better way to spend your anniversary than at an LDL bash. Congratulations galore from all of  us to Anna Lynn and Henry!

One of the other highlights of the luncheon was the first time appearance of Donave Ross Stegall.

All in all, it was another splendid event which is getting more and more popular!