Wednesday, September 23, 2009

This from Betty Rose and Lou Palomba:

   "Our son, Tony, age 46 was working a horse last Saturday evening when it threw him off onto his head. Luckily he had on a "horse helmet". The doctor said it saved him from being paralyzed. After a 5 hour surgery he now has two plates and screws in his neck. They operated from the back of his neck and also the front. He will have a long recovery time, but he will recover. Lou and I are flying out to Colorado and will help out until October 21st. They have two little girls, a business and a ranch to take care of. 

I was hoping to see you all at the next luncheon, but I guess now it won't be until November.
We have certainly learned how important wearing a helmet is when riding "anything."

                                                                                 -Betty Rose and Lou

That's a heart-stopper. Our thoughts and prayers are with Tony and his family as well as Betty Rose and Lou!