Sunday, September 20, 2009

"You Ain't Nothin But a ........"

...distant cousin.

But that ain't bad considering that it's Cousin Elvis!
Ellouise Diggle Schotteller recently discovered that she was related to Elvis. Not only that, but, according to Ellouise,  so is Mary Kratt!

Ellouise reports:

"I wrote recently on my blog about a new discovery - I am distant cousins with Elvis on the Hood line - that means Mary Ran too - we all descend from Tunis Hood the old pioneer who settled at Hoods Corners/Mint Hill. Small world."

This website is much too sophisticated to make some cheap, corny remark such as .." folks going up to Jonesborough Tennessee to see Ellouise perform at the big Story Teller's Convention in a few sure to watch her body movements to see how much of the Elvis gene she inherited."

Nope, this site only reports "news that's fit to print."

So, when you see Ellouise at the Story Teller's Convention, please convey our congratulations and let her know how proud we are of her.

But try not to step on her blue suede shoes.