Friday, October 23, 2009

Catching Up

Your award winning and most modest webmaster was having so much fun playing with Jerry's LDL video that I forgot to mention a couple of news items:

At the October "LDL", Martin Hill told us the bad news that his wife, Pat, had fallen at home severely breaking her hip and pelvic bones. She spent three weeks in the hospital and he went on to say:

"...Pat is doing well and is in a rehab facility in Harrisburg fairly near our home. She is now able, with help, to get around in a wheel chair and she will be in physical therapy for several more weeks. If all the broken bones heal as expected she could possibly be on a walker or crutches in about 3 to 4 weeks. After that, she should be able to begin walking again. Everything depends on her healing normally. Her attitude is good, but she was a very active person and I fear she will try to do too much too soon...


We send our best wishes to Pat for a speedy recovery!!

Finally, tying up some loose ends, Jerry tells me that the  CHS'54 "LDL" on Tuesday October was the 13th such happening that Shirley Maynor initiated over a year ago. She wasn't able to attend this one and was sorely missed.

"Another of our regulars, Gayle Barrier Austin' who had attended all twelve previous "LDL"s, wasn't able to attend either, breaking her perfect attendance record.

Three classmates had missed only one of the past gatherings, Vic Brawley, Martin Hill and Charlie Willis. Only Martin was present to be "honored".   -Jerry"

Some might say that there must be some truth to that old superstition having to do with the number 13.

Of course, none of us believes any of that nonsense anymore.

However, a little "salt over the shoulder" once in a while can't hurt anything.