Friday, October 02, 2009


As mentioned on this website earlier, cursive hand writing is a rapidly disappearing skill in this country. Very few Americans born after 1980 can read, much less write cursive. And this goes for school teachers as well.

However, that doesn’t mean that graphology (the study of handwriting and what it reveals about a person) is a dead science. Not at all, because people still “sign” their names! And that very often reveals more about them than they would like for you to know.

For example, the CHS54 staff and I have become quite good at being able to know a lot about a person simply by studying his or her signature!

Here are two sheets of signatures…..picked totally at random… and we can predict with uncanny accuracy exactly which page was signed by the most wise and successful people, and which was signed by....uh.....lesser mortals.

Look closely at Page One.(the first one on your left)

You can see that the curvature of the letters and the closeness and neatness of the signatures are dead giveaways. Very few bold pen strokes. Almost no imaginative flourishes of the pen….it’s an unmistakable indication that this page is full of uncreative and, sorry to say, undoubtedly unsuccessful people.

On the other hand, Page Two (shown below) shows boldness and creativity. Notice the large, prominent letters….indicating dynamic and obviously successful personalities. People you just naturally want to be friends with. The thoughtful forming of the letters reek of confidence and boldness. An unmistakable sign of maturity and wisdom!

So there you have it. Page One=LOSERS.  Page Two=WiNNERS/MOVERS and SHAKERS
Graphology works!

-Ed                                                                                                                                                                 Page TWO                                                 

To reap the full impact of this on each autograph page to see it enlarged. Click the "back arrow" on the top left of your screen to return to this page.    -Ed