Friday, October 23, 2009

Thanks for the "Flowers"

Thanks to all of you who bothered to drop me nice notes about Jerry's LDL 13 video. And, as several of you pointed out, there are a couple of things the producers could have improved upon.
Such as........putting the names of husbands and wives next to each other in the credits.

These names should have been listed together:

Harold Cullingford and wife Carolyn

Marlene Ritch Beaty and husband Thomas

Karol Broadwell Welch and husband Bob (Jerry tells me that Bob, interestingly enough, is Nancy Gibson Tomlinson's cousin)

and I failed to list Stephanie Litaker the nice lady who is the waitress who takes really good care of our group.

And, last but not least, there was ONE glaring mistake.
I've been informed that Jimmies is located on HWY 51. Not HWY 50, as the video indicates.

Now I realize why everytime I go to one of these lunches, nobody else shows up!