Thursday, October 01, 2009

Three's Company

Whoops.....Sorry we're a little late with this story, but the usually almost competent staff here at the CHS54 Media Center really blew it this time. As a result, we nearly missed one of the best stories of the year.

In less than 3 months our own Bob Ellis became a "great, great,great grandfather."  No, that's not right. He became a "grandfather three times over." No, that's not it either.Maybe it's called a "greater great grandfather."

Well, whatever the official name for it is he's happy as heck about it!  And he's got two beautiful brand new grandchildren and one great grandchild to show for it! Perhaps his picture will be in the next edition of the Guinness book of World Records. He certainly qualifies for the CHS54 website Great Grandfather of the Year!"

His first grandchild is Danielle Nichole Hines, born to Bob's youngest daughter Kelli Ellis Hines and then grandchild Tyler Turnbaugh, son of James and Alison Wade arrived on September 8th weighing in at 7lbs 4 ounces. Shown here with his two beautiful sisters.

Alison and husband James Turnbaugh live in Ohio where Alison teaches English Lit at a Junior High School. James is with the family concrete business.

And then, on Sept. 23rd another bundle from Heaven (this time Bob's first Great Grandchild named Clara Fern Swanson (measurements: 19 and a half) showed up at the home of Stephen and Anna Dwanson in Penniscola, Fla!  Anna is one of Bob's grandaughters and she and Stephen named their beautiful baby after grandmothers.  Stephen is the youth minister at their local church in Penniscola.

Stay tuned for pictures!

Great grandfather Bob is doing his best to cope with all the excitement and joy in his life (our reporters on the scene confirm that he's mumbling, talking to himself, smiling and laughing a lot) so if any of the facts in this report are slightly incorrect, it's not the fault of our staff reporters.

For once.

Bob added in his note to me something about...."Christmas is going to be Heaven at his house this year....."   No, no,.....that's wasn't it, I just re-read  his email. What he actually said was "Heaven help us this Christmas at our house."