Monday, November 30, 2009

From Historic Wadesboro...

...comes a sports report from our own Neil Jones:

"It would be unnatural for anyone to note and/or care about the oncoming N.C. Western AAA Football Championship Game between Belmont's South Point's powerhouse football machine and the weakley, Church-going, NASCAR-loving country lads of Anson County High School this Friday.

The only possible justification for noteworthy observation is that the poor Bobcats of poor Anson are coached by poor Matt Jones (son of Neil).

If Anson wins, it would roughly compare to Gardner Webb beating Notre Dame. But, just the same, prayers would be welcome."

Neil, I hope you've told Matt about George Sparger's secret weapon for upsetting stronger teams;
his famous "no man line" defense.  -Ed

 #23 UNC wingback Jim Camp; #86 UNC center George Sparger; #40 UNC fullback Walt Pupa; #22 UNC tailback Charlie Justice, at Kenan Stadium.

(Photo of UNC Championship team during the Choo Choo Justice era.  From the Hugh Morton collection at UNC)