Wednesday, November 11, 2009


In spite of an inspired campaign by the CHS class of 55, led by David McKinnon, Joan King Hargett, Martha Gheesling Broadwell and Bob Burroughs, the Charlotte/Mecklenburg School Board voted not to name either of two new high schools after our friend and former athletic director and later principal Ed Saunders.

Their main objection was that he is still alive…..and their “rule” for naming schools states that they must be named after a dead person or some other inanimate object.
The names chosen were Hough and Rocky River.

Not many people know this but when the name for the old Central High was being contemplated, the first choice of the school board was “Sugar Creek High.” In the end, the board couldn’t agree on a name, so at the last minute they decided, “to heck with it. Let’s just call it Central.”

It’s too bad this school board didn’t decide to do something similar in the case of “Hough High,” , such as naming it Highway 15 High School….or something like that instead of a name that no one is sure how to pronounce (is it like “HOW”…..”WHO”…..”HUGH”…..or what?)
I understand that the correct pronounciation is “HUFF”….like in “tough.”

But that doesn’t matter. It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to know that it will forever be known as “HO HIGH”

But, I believe the girls who attend the school will just ignore, or laugh off the dumb jokes and simply chalk it up to "unintended consequences."

Like our girls once did!