Thursday, November 12, 2009

"Neither Snow Nor Rain...."

..can keep twenty-seven hearty Wildcats from showing up for the class' monthly lunch.

Our "on the scene correspondant," Jerry Gaudet reports that it was a very dark and rainy day that greeted the LDL bunch last Tuesday. But, once inside, the mood became as bright as a sunny day in June. Of course, the sparks flying from the knives and forks of our hungry group helped.

Jerry went on to report that

"... there were four first-time attendees, Don Nance and his wife Letty, Mary Rand Norton Kratt, and Richard Stowe. Shirley McClanahan Maynor presided over the sunny atmosphere as we enjoyed good food and fellowship.

If technical difficulties can again be overcome, we'll try to get a brief video of the gathering to Ed Myers in hopes of getting it on the class web site... . Be sure to look for it and all the other interesting items Ed posts for us.

The next "LDL" will be Tuesday, December 8. Same time, same place, as they say. We invite you to plan on joining us."

(Click on pictures to enlarge.)

FYI......The United States Postal Service has no official creed or motto. Often falsely cited as such, "Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds" is an inscription on the James Farley Post Office in New York City, derived from a quote from Herodotus' Histories (8.98), referring to the ancient courier service of the Persian Empire:

Please take note of this. There will be a pop quiz tomorrow.  -Ed

Now, See the VIDEO!