Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Circling the Earth

Our Chief Foreign Coresspondant, Warren Sparrow will again soon be reporting from another one of the far corners of the earth....this time from Kansas.

Here's Warrens latest:


One of your Ace{?)Reporters is on the move. This time it is back to Kansas for the graduation of our granddaughter Lydia from Kansas State University. We will be spending a few days in Manhattan (Little Apple), KS.

I have nothing to report other than we are well, enjoying the CHS website. It is a wonderful thing you do for us. Have a Merry Christmas. I am sure you miss Genial Gene and Atlantic Beer. I shall never forget his "taste of freight" commercials. Despite his warning, I have two kinds of beer in the ice box: Modelo and Heineken. I guess I do like the taste of freight after all.

Indeed, Becky and I are looking forward to our Kansas trip. You see Becky is really "Lydia Rebecca" and our granddaughter is "Lydia." She is the first person in the history of KSU to be elected vice president and the next year president of the student body. As a footnote, be advised that the KSU teams are Wildcats. Is not that a hoot?

Attached is a picture taken last September at "Little" Lydia's home in Olathe, KS. Little Lydia is on the far right. Moving left we have her sister Charlotte who is a high-school student. To the left of Charlotte is "Big" Lydia. To the left of Big Lydia is LL's sister Melanie who is a Kansas State student. On the far left is our daughter Catherine, the mother of these three magnificent girls.

Thank you for your attention. Again, Merry Christmas.