Thursday, December 24, 2009

Jerry's UpDates

How fortunate we are to have Jerry Gaudet, our official Keeper of Records!!

His email "blasts" keep us informed about the going-ons of our classmates. His latest was a reminder to include Jackie Hart Lookabill and Betty Rose (Templeton) Palomba and husband Lou in our prayers.

LaGena, Jackie and Gene's daughter, informs us that Jackie will undergo a medical procedure on Tuesday December 29th.

Betty Rose reports that husband Lou is improving, but not out of the woods yet. However, he's receiving the best medical care possible at the Duke Medical Center....and the added benefit of the greatest nurse he could possibly have...........his wife, Betty Rose.

And speaking of top notch medical care, Bob Ellis reports that his brave grandaughter, Courtney, in Tennesee, has an appointment with one of the finest physicians at the Vanderbilt Medical Center on Tuesday the 5th of January and hopefully will discover the cause of the awful pain in her leg.

Keep these folks in your thoughts and prayers during our 73rd Christmas.

And a little prayer for the rest of us wouldn't be a bad idea either.