Monday, December 21, 2009


If this website had an "Official Christmas Tree," like Washington does, I would want it to look like this one.

This one is in Don and Lettie Nance's yard in Whytheville, VA. also known as "The Crossroads of the Blue Ridge." (The town, not their yard.)

The storm dropped 13 inches of snow at his house before moving on up to Washington, DC where it dumped 2 feet of the stuff Bing Crosby sang about.

Here in Falls Church, VA......folks are still pretty much hunkered down. the road crews did a good job this time so getting to the grocery store possible, but not recommended. I've heard some folks referring to this local record breaking snowstorm  as the "SNOWPOCALYPSE."

That's cute, but I don't believe that nickname will stick around as long as the snow does. We'll have our White Christmas this year, but by New Year's day, it will be gray.

By spring, black.