Saturday, January 09, 2010

Guest Bloggers

I got the idea from watching Ellouise tell some of her great stories on her website.

As that old TV series NAKED CITY(1858-63) said a long time ago, "There are a million the naked city."

All of us have stories. Maybe not as good, or funny or whatever as Ellouise tells, but we all have stories.

So I think a great way to celebrate 2010 is to share some of our stories with what's left of the CHS Class of 1954 and at the same time post them on this electronic miracle called the internet for all to read...who knows for how long.

We're not expecting anything too deep. Just stories that you pass along to your children and grandchildren....or maybe ones that you might NOT want to pass along to young minds, like the time I tried to erase a bad grade written in INK on my report card by bleaching it out  with a drop of Clorox.........and burned a hole in card. Stuff like that.

Anything goes. (Although the editorial staff and official censors maintain the right to edit the stories.)

I'll create a special section...for these stories........and there will be a "link" to they come it.

I hope yaw'll like the idea as much as I do!

Email your story to me   

Pictures are welcome too....