Saturday, January 16, 2010

Tips for Guest Bloggers

I hope some of you are considering being a "Guest Blogger" on our CHS54 site. I think you'll enjoy sharing a "story" or two....and I know all of us will enjoy reading them. We're not looking for a new "Gone With The Wind" epic......just the kind of story you pass on to your children and grandchildren, OR the kind that your spouse doesn't want you to pass on to tender young minds, but that we, your fellow seniors, would enjoy. (Such as my "Clorox is not for report cards" story.)

Our professional storyteller, Ellouise, has checked in with some good advice:

"Ed, asking for stories is a great idea. I cannot wait to hear them. Saying those sweet things about me - makes me feel good - but guys - this is my job - I work at it all the time - and I have heard plenty of stories from lots of you that I envied and wished I had told or could tell. Lets have a go at it.

The trick in writing a story is to throw out some prompts - start the thinking going - you know just like sitting around laughing together - How about your first day at Central. I don't remember a darn thing about that except that I was petrified. I was in Miss Clegg's home room, was anybody else in there? I remember her because she had taught my mother.


(That reminds me of my first day at Elizabeth School. My Mom walked with me up those stairs on the side that leads to the auditorium......and the first thing I saw upon entering..... was that classic "Discus Thrower" statue....decorating the lobby. Now it seems to me that a sure fire way to scare the Hell out of a first to make the first thing he sees when he walks into this new adventure called a statue of a naked man about to throw a plate of some kind.

I never liked school after that. -Ed)