Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Up Date

We got a note from our friend Bobby Greg's wife Elaine:

"... The Alzheimer's is rapidly taking its toll on Bob. He no longer speaks. But, he smiles a lot and can still walk (though very, very slowly). He seems happy and the ladies sure do love him. He no longer remembers my name, but seems to remember I'm someone in his life -- he still likes to kiss me, which is nice.

This is a terrible disease. But, the blessing is that he doesn't know it and his health is relatively good under the circumstances. He is in a good place and they take very good care of him. He's always clean and shaven each day. I do miss our life and will probably think about selling our house this year. It's way too much for me to take care of and it's time to start thinking of a life outside of Edgewater (MD, their home). I continue to commute to my D.C. office which is at least an hour or better each way.

Keep in touch and I'll keep you posted as well...Elaine."