Wednesday, February 03, 2010

6 More Inches of Global Warming

,,,and a "BIG ONE" predicted for the weekend.
Where was all this snow....when we really needed it?

Just think of all the "days off" from school we could have enjoyed if only the snow had showed up 60 or so years ago!  But Noooo!

I believe we can count on one hand the number of days school was closed back then because of snow. I don't even recall anything about it ever being closed because of "teacher meetings, etc" they do today.

The only times I ever remember getting an "unscheduled holiday" was when I was able to convince my Mom that I was really, really, sick! (and wouldn't be well enough to go outside and play til at least noon.)

That tactic worked pretty good until late one afternoon my 5th grade teacher, Miss Willis, happened to drive by the house and saw me playing in my front yard.

I could never look her in the eye after that.

From what I hear on the news, Charlotte has had a tough winter too. If anyone has any pictures I'd love to see them.