Friday, February 05, 2010

But Al Gore said..........

....oh, nevermind.

Everybody up here in the Washington/Northern Virginia area is hunkering down in anticipation of our second 2 foot snowfall of the year.  From what I read on the internet, Charlotte is going to be a bit more fortunate since the forecast (at this time) calls for mostly rain.  However, a lot of it is going to be freezing rain...and that's the kind that pulls down power lines etc.

The Loss of power is a possibility for both our areas.

I sure hope that doesn't happen to any of us, especially on this SuperBowl weekend.

Nevertheless, the silver lining is that Congress won't be able to meet for at least a couple of days which means our wallets will get a brief rest.

The other positive note is that the birds have started telling us that SPRING is on the way!  (Listen closely and you can hear them. The reason for this is that around the first of February, our feathered friends begin to notice that daylight is beginning to lengthen.....and it will soon be time for the spring prom!)

And, there's always the possibility that this predicted storm won't amount to a hill of beans.

Anyway, it's just a storm....not armagedden!

BUT, not getting to see the SuperBowl would be serious.