Sunday, February 28, 2010

I Told My Mom Not to Throw My Comic Books Away!

....but NOooooo, she not only got rid of them, but made me clean my room occassionally. Talk about child abuse!

Other than that, she was a perfect Mom!!

By now you've heard that the first Superman comic book recently sold for 1 Million dollars! A few days later, the first edition of a Batman comic sold for 1 Million 75 thousand dollars!

At one time I had BOTH of those comics. Chances are if you were into comics like I had them too!

Nothing against Elizabeth School, mind you, but I learned to read.........from comics, not school.

For years, Bobby Burris and I traded comics at least once a week. Between the two of us I venture to say that  at one time or other we had read 90 percent of all the comics ever printed in this country.

According to the press, neither one of the purchasers has been identified (which makes me think there might be some hanky panky going on) but if this story is true......surely no other Mom would throw their kid's comic books away after they outgrew .I'm hoping that one of the "sellers" turns out to be Bobby Burris. -Ed