Saturday, February 13, 2010

Snowfall in Charlotte Scenes

Our friend from the class of 55, Frank Clontz checked in with an eyewitness report from Charlotte:

"Attached are several photos from this morning. I know you guys were covered with tons of snow but the small amount we got overnight looked pretty this morning.

Oh, by the way several years ago in a January, I think, we got 21 inches of snow overnight accompanied by high winds that made the snow into 10-12" ribbons and it was really surreal. I tried to take photos of the "snow ribbons" but did not have a fast enough camera.

Another note, the class of 55 is planning a 55th reunion on May 15th. I guess we just had to copy what you guys did."


Nice photos! It was certainly a more civilized storm than ours. Also, hope yaw'll have as much fun as we did at our 55th!  -Ed