Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Guess Who I Saw Today

By Obie Oakley

"I had a delightful experience last week and would like to pass it along.

Thanks to Jerry's efficiency in keeping our class informed about what is going on, I read where classmate Harry Neely was having a "showing" of his art at one of the more upscale galleries in Charleston right on Broad Street, opening Friday March 5th.

As luck would have it, Frances and I were renting a house down there only three blocks away so I made it a point to go by that afternoon as they were setting up and had a terrific visit with Harry and his wife, Marilyn. Ed, he is a wonderfully talented artist. I was really impressed and took my wife back that evening.

This time, Harry was decked out in his tuxedo standing at the gallery entrance passing out business cards and inviting "strollers" into the exhibit. I told him he reminded me of the guys (and gals) on Bourbon Street. All kidding aside, he is really a class act."  -Obie