Thursday, March 04, 2010

I Don't Know Nothing 'bout Art...

...but I sure do like Harry Neely's paintings!
And so do a lot of other people.

Harry checks in from Southern Pines:

 "The 5th of Feb I opened a show of 65 of my paintings here in Southern Pines. The opening reception night was rainy, cold and miserable but the turn out was good. Visitors and sales continued through the month so I thought it was a huge success. The only snafu was that some of the names and addresses for invitations were missed by the Arts Council who did the mailing for the show.

Then on the 19th I found that I had two paintings selected for the March issue of The American Art Collector. That is a national art gallery, collector and artist magazine. I knew I would be in Spencer Gallery's ad in the magazine, but neither the Gallery or I knew the editors would select my paintings for the magazine. I am in the magazine with some of the top artists in the country. Wow!

Then the last of the month Penick Village had their annual Art Show and Sale. I had a couple of paintings there and one I could have sold three times. Tomorrow the 4th of March I am off to Charleston for a reception at Spencer Gallery for the Friday Art Walk. Pretty good for an old codger.

Can't wait to hear what the Lunch Bunch ("LDL") is up to.

All the best, Harry "

Our congratulations to Harry. It's nice to see another one of our classmates receiving national recognition!

To view more of Harry's works, visit his website HERE