Friday, March 19, 2010

March 1965

For those of you who have been eagerly anticipating the great “race up the hill” at the old Central High practice field..between Don Nance and me…….the “many times postponed” event is now scheduled for August 15th 2010.

The seeds of this great competition were sown back when both of us were in Piedmont Junior High…and were hoping to someday be on the Central High football team. We spent our summers “working out”…..mainly consisting of racing up the practice field hill….trying to build up strength and stamina. Winning those short sprints was also part of the equation.

Don made the Varsity squad first. I went to the lowly “B Team.”
After that, the competition heated up…….who would be the first to get accepted into college, who would be first to get a car….get married….get a job……etc. We each won our share of bets. No money was exchanged of course, because we didn’t have any. But ONE big bet did involve a steak dinner. Loser paying, of course. The bet was, “whose baby will be born first?”

This is the 45th anniversary of that last bet. (See my “Daytimer” page from 1965)  -Ed