Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Senior Prom

   Ah, the memories! The football games, the parties afterward, and then…the most memorable of all Spring rites of high school, the SENIOR PROM.

Well, surprise, surprise! That's changing. What was once only considered to be one of the last flings of youth may be coming to a community near you..

   For example, in Western Pennsylvania, there will be two different kinds of seniors attending the Cornell prom this year; the ones in high school…..and the other ones, like us, who’ve earned that title from our extensive life experience.

   The same thing is happening in Wassau, Wisconsin where for the third year in a row they’re celebrating Senior Prom Week with events like fashion shows, a day devoted to all the hype of the prom….manicures, makeup, updos etc and then of course the dancing. The theme this year is “Catch a Falling Star” (Perry Como).

   I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who gets “Prom Fever” every spring. Perhaps we should mention this to our reunion committee….and who knows maybe next year we’ll meet again at the Prom 1954 point 56. I can see it now………dining, conversing, and dancing….til the wee hours of…..8:30pm or so.  -Ed