Saturday, April 10, 2010

Ches Pie

   I don't mind admitting my ignorance when a subject that I know nothing about comes up in conversation. But when the subject is popular Southern foods...well, that's something I DO know a little about.  Or, thought I did.

   Until one of my friends up here asked if I knew how to make that great Southern delicacy CHES pie.

   Not only do I not know how to make it, I never heard of it.  Well, that drew loud guffaws. (a guffaw is similar to laughter, but with a sharp edge)

    Is there a chance that perhaps it's something that IS very common in North Carolina, but we call it by another name?

   The Yankees around here are often confused when it comes to the South.  For example they still insist that we address groups of people as "YOU ALL" (cue the guffaws) when in fact we never say that.

   We always say, "Yawl"  or "All Yawl"

(If all yaw'll have been eating ches pie for years, and can't believe that I've never heard of it please feel free to guffaw.)