Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day / Lenin's Birthday

     This is the 40th Anniversary of that great American tradition called Earth Day. It just occurred to me that I’m actually doing my part to save the planet by hanging onto so much accumulated “junk” (See article below “Downsizing”)

     The New York Times reports that San Francisco (of course) is leading the war on trash. Garbage collectors there who spot orange peels or aluminum soda cans in a trash bin will leave a note reminding the home owner how to separate his trash properly. Anyone found repeatedly flouting recycling protocol will be issued fines of $100 for small businesses and single-family homes and up to $1,000 for large businesses and multiunit buildings.

     So, hanging on to “junk” earns me a pretty good grade in the trash department, but, unfortunately, I haven’t yet been able to stop my dirty habit of exhaling carbon dioxide. Almost 74 years of such activity certainly qualifies me as a serial exhaler!

     I’m so ashamed.

     But I’m doing my best to try to make Ira Einhorn, one of the founders of Earth Day and master of ceremonies of the globally televised first Earth Day ceremony proud of me. I was going to send him an Earth Day card……but I can’t find the address of the prison where he’s now rotting away for murdering his girlfriend and hiding her body in a trunk.

     Well, nobody’s perfect.   -Ed