Sunday, April 18, 2010

Prayer List Addition

Frank Clontz (CHS55) send this report:

Re: Linda Garmon Huggins:

"Just talked with Linda's Husband, Ross and he advised me that Linda has some health problems. Currently, the doctors have found a Mass in her lower Abdomen that will require surgery this coming Tuesday, the 20th if she will well enough to undergo being put to sleep. She has been fighting pneumonia the past few weeks and doctors are concern that her lungs might not be strong enough for her to be put to sleep for the surgery. They, the doctors, are not sure of the mass in her lower abdomen until the operate. At that time they can tell with 15 to 20 minutes what the mass is.

I pray and ask others of the class of 54 to pray with me that she will be fine and fully recover from her physical problems. I told Ross that we will be thinking about her and praying to God that she will be fine. I, for one, believe that she will recover and be back to the Linda that I have known and loved, as a good friend, for fifty-seven years.

Be of good cheer and devour each day.

Frank Clontz"