Thursday, May 27, 2010

Up Dates

I got a note from Linda (Garmon) Huggins who started chemo this week to insure that the cancer cells were totally removed a couple of weeks ago. She and Ross thanked us for our concern:

"The first treatment was non eventful. Next week's the tough one, but we are hanging in there and thanking everyone for the blessings of friendship and caring.

Always friends,

Ross & Linda :)"


Ellouise shows no signs of slowing down. I told her in no uncertain terms that she's "not acting her age!"

Hi. In July, I'm bringing Pushing Boundaries, my one-woman show about untold 1970s women's history, to the 2010 DC Capital Fringe.

Have you been to the Fringe before? I'm excited to tell you that I've been assigned the perfect venue to tell this story. The Goethe Institute seats only 90, big enough to capture the energy of the time but small enough to allow for audience Q&A and sharing.

I hope you'll join me for one of the scheduled performances of Pushing Boundaries.

Pushing Boundaries might be a one-woman show but it's really the story of our collective history -- the 1970's grassroots women's movement, from both the women's artists and the ERA perspective.

So much of the story has been left out of official records. Isn't it time we captured more of it?

I've recently started a Second Wave Album Page on Facebook to help do just that. I've been posting photos, documents and other memorabilia. Please join the Facebook Page, and post your memories or questions.

I hope to see you soon!


P.S. Anyone up for trying to meet for lunch after one of the Saturday shows... a reunion of sorts?


Google Earth is a free software program that lets you view the whole world the way our satellites see it. If you haven't tried it yet, you are in for a surprise.   In the past couple of years, Google has added "Street Views" the satellite pictures....which allow you to see the sites like they appear from the street. It is absolutely amazing....but at the same time, I'm not sure I'm comfortable with the whole world figuratively speaking.....standing in front of my house peering at me, or "casing the joint," as the case may be,

But it is amazing!  This is what our old high school looks like these days.  You can click on any of those little camera icons....and you'll see what that camera can swing the camera around 360 degrees. For example, you can get a good look at the park across the street....with the signature willow tree...although the lighting isn't very good on that side of the street.....and that poor little tree looks kinda "pekid." as my mother used to say.

So, those of you still enjoying the good life in our old home warned!........we "ex-Charlotteans" are watching you!      -Ed