Tuesday, May 11, 2010

National Wear a Basket On Your Head Day

I wouldn’t be surprised if there is such a designated day. Why not? There’s every other kind of official whack-o day.

More about that in a moment. If you guessed that the young girl with the basket on her head is…….Ellouise..... you are absolutely right! It’s Ellouise when her last name had only 6 letters.

To find out more about that picture, you have to go to Ellouise’s website to find out.
(WARNING: The Surgeon Sergeant has determined that the aforementioned website is addictive. You have been warned!)

Now, about those official days:  We just celebrated Mother's Day. Father's Day is coming up. So far, so good.

But have you made preparations yet for:

World Turtle Day - May 23?
or Donald Duck Day--June 9?

How about:

Carpenter Ant Awareness Week--June 20-26
Take Your Dog to Work Day: June 24
July 17-23 --- Cow Appreciation Week
Yell,"Fudge!" at the Cobras in North America Day--June 2 (Lord knows what that one is about.)
Buzzard's Day--March 15
World Rat Day 4/04
April 8 Draw a Picture of a Bird Day
Festival for the Souls of Dead Whales--December 10

"Wear a Basket on Your Head Day" can't be far off.   -Ed