Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Progress Report


 Jerry Gaudet reports:

Darn! (and even worse).

In a recent email, Shirley McClanahan Maynor writes...

"I just found out, cancer tumors have shown up in hip that was replaced and I am going to have to have radiation. ...We will be ok."

In a phone conversation with Shirley, she sounds to be her usual upbeat self and is taking on whatever comes. That cancer better watch out!

Her contact information is:
Shirley Maynor
1171 Robinhood Circle
Charlotte, NC 28227-4034


As this website reported,  Linda Garmon Huggins has been dealing with health issues. Jerry Gaudet reports that she is recuperating nicely at home after surgery. Preliminary word is that all will be well, but she has to wait until next Monday to get the official results from the biopsy.

I talked with Linda and Ross by phone today and they are both thinking positively.

And why not? Modern medicine and techniques are just this side of miraculous!

Nevertheless, Linda was happy to hear that she's going to stay on our prayer list for a little longer.

Their contact information is:
Linda Huggins and husband Ross
2548 W. Keswick Rd.
Florence, SC 29501-1970

Linda and Ross' email address

Update from Reid Johnston's wife Janice

"Dear Friends,

Last week was a bumpy ride, Reid was in hospital trying to boost his energy level with IV nutrition. He was better by end of week and was discharged on Friday. Friday night , he had a sudden bottoming out of his blood pressure and had to be taken back to hospital via ambulance. He stayed overnight in hospital and came home Saturday. 

He has been stable since but remains very weak. He resumed radiation treatments yesterday, May 3rd. and will continue with 9 more to equal 35 total. The doctor had discontinued the chemo treatments.

Thank you again for all your good wishes, love and prayers. We can feel your prayers working in our lives. Love and good health to each one of you and your families,

Reid Johnston and wife Janice
1215 Erinshire Rd.
Charlotte, NC 28211

email Reid and Janice