Saturday, May 01, 2010

Rough Time for the Diamond

News Tip from Ellouise:


"My cousin is in town - at lunch today he told me that they are closing the Diamond Grill at the end of the week. Do you know it - off Pecan neare Central Avenue. A landmark. Has anybody said anything about it.



Bob Ellis replies:

"I have an old friend that I worked with at Duke Power (Duke Energy now) who eats at the Diamond at least once a week. I called him and by chance he was there today and according to what he was told by the current owners is that the guys who own the Penguin Rest.(located on next corner) have bought the building. They plan to re-open this summer. The employees are hoping it will be the same type of rest. Don't know if they will use same name.
The sanitation rating has been falling the past few years. The interior could use some TLC..

Hope you and your family are doing well....