Sunday, May 09, 2010

Still Running

The legendary Jim Beatty is not the only famous runner from the Elizabeth Avenue home of the Wildcats.  Our own Jennie Margaret (Meador) Forehand has got to be somewhere near the top of that list. Her sport was not athletics of course, but politics.  She's been running, and getting elected in the state of Maryland since 1978 and this year she's running again for her fifth term as a State Senator from Maryland's 17th district (Montgomery County).

Her opponent is a 49 year old female and former MD Delegate, who is saying Jennie is "too old."

Personally, I'm insulted by that kind of attitude, as all of us '54 Wildcats should be.

I think I'll start a letter writing campaign, or something; right after my nap.

Jennie is thinking about challenging her challenger to "walk around the block with me...and see who can walk faster."

Meanwhile, her staff is considering a few photos showing the "less serious" side of Jennie's personality, such as the "Jennie's Blue Bike" photo that we featured on this website during the buildup to our 50th reunion. Unfortunately, that was one of the photos that was deleted from this site during a "server update" by this website's provider.

By any chance if any of you know where a copy of that photo can still be found, let Jennie know.

As far as that "too old" stuff, I think Jennie should say something like....."It sure will take a lot of youthful energy to catch up with my 20 year experience advantage. And now is not a good time for her to start practicing."

My other suggestion is:

Stay away from tanks......and bunny suits.  -Ed