Sunday, June 13, 2010

Leaping Lizards

After today, June 13, 2010,  the LITTLE ORPHAN ANNIE cartoon will no longer exist.

I was never a big fan of that comic strip, but seeing another ever so small piece of the American culture that we grew up with go down the drain makes me sad.

According to Wikipedia, the daily comic strip was created by a man named Harold Gray in 1924.

The story told of Annie an orphan whose only friends were her doll Emily Marie, and later, her dog Sandy.
She escaped from an evil orphanage and made her way in the world by pluck, hard work and a cheery disposition.

The title of the strip was inspired by James Whitcomb Riley's popular poem of 1885 titled Little Orphan Annie which begins:

"Little Orphan Annie's come to our house to stay,
An' wash the cups and saucers up, and brush the crumbs away...."

Even though the official explanation as to why she is being "killed off" is because the comic strip was running in fewer than 20 newspapers...and as we know, newspapers themselves are dying like flies, I prefer to think
that, just like in Annie's fictional world, the redheaded wonder escaped from the comic strip....just as she had done from that horrible orphanage........... found some eyeballs........and simply GREW UP!

"Arf, Arf"   -Ed