Saturday, June 26, 2010

Talk About a DUKE Fan!

So there he was, about to engage in mortal combat with the enemy and what is he thinking about?

“At the end of 1944, we were in convoy to the Lingayen Gulf (Luzon, P.I.) for the January 5th invasion, when my battery commander (an Alabama grad) and I learned that Duke and 'Bama were to play in the Sugar Bowl on January 1st.”

That was what Coach Irv Edelman wrote for this website a couple of months ago. In all fairness, I’m sure there were other things on his mind at the time but any of us who were ever in his classes or on his teams were well aware of his devotion to his alma mata.

So are all of his friends.

Recently one of them was riding the train to Washington and struck up a conversation with a gentleman who turned out to be an assistant coach at Duke. Edelman’s name, and his lifelong love of Duke came up in the conversation.

A few weeks later a large box arrived at Edelman’s door……and in it was a warm note along with a Duke football, autographed by the head coach, David Cutcliffe.

Even Carolina fans will have to admit that was a first class gesture! -Ed