Saturday, July 17, 2010

Rave Reviews

Talk about a hot performance!

Ellouise's Pushing Boundries opening show at the Capital Fringe Festival in Washington not only received  rave reviews last week, but set the fire alarm off and empted the Goethe Theater. Pro that she is, she finished the performance outside to a standing (no pun intended) ovation.

The show is about the three years Ellouise was the ERA Campaign Director and Organizer of the National Business Couincil for the ERA at the League of Women Voters

One of the reviewers, Kate Mattingly, wrote that "Many of our popular films and shows today spotlight the courage of someone committed to Thugood or Invictus, what makes Pushing Boundaries so appealing is that we share the space with this person who carved a path to make the future a better place for us."

Betsy Villas White came down for a performance last Saturday and wrote this comment on the City Paper of Washington's review:

"Your review captured so well my own thoughts and feelings as I listened to Ellouise Schoettler tell her story last Saturday morning. Having driven in the pouring down rain from Pennsylvania to hear Ellouise, I sank into my seat and was transported back to another time and place with all the attendant emotions, pain, and excitement.  Ellouise tells her story (and the story of all of us who lived during the awakening of women in America) with such intensity, humor, and intelligence that I wish it could be heard by every daughter and granddaughter who continue the battle for equality today. -BVW"

Go here to read the entire City Paper Review. They gave it a "5"...which is their Top Pick review!  -Ed