Wednesday, August 11, 2010

From Pocatello, Idaho to Mint Hill

By Jerry Gaudet

We continue to celebrate CHS’54 with our 23rd “Let's do lunch” program held on Tuesday, August 10, 2010. “LDL” is held on the second Tuesday of each and every month at "Jimmies" in Mint Hill.

Marlene (Ritch) Beaty led us through our usual program format in splendid fashion. We’re very fortunate to have a bevy of Mavens to set a pleasant atmosphere for our lunch gatherings.

Many of our classmates are “regulars” at the “LDL”s, having attended many of our lunches. We’ve had 90 different people participating at one time or another.

And, it’s so nice when someone gives “LDL” a try and we get to add them to our attendance list.
Sylvia (Dunn) Cross came through the Belmont Tunnel from Mt. Holly to be with us.

And, to top it off, Ellen (Abernethy) Bates came to lunch from Pocatello, ID (That’s Idaho), a far piece. A check of an Internet mapping program show that to be 2,130 miles…all just to be with us. Isn’t that nice? Ellen gets the prize for coming
the longest distance (Oh, sorry, Ellen, we don’t 
have any prizes).

Whether near or far, plan to join us next month, September 14. We will look forward to your being with us. And even better, call a classmate and suggest that you meet at Jimmies!